Hey there, 

I'm Nicole, owner of the Cleansing mumma. 39-year-old mum, to 2 little humans. I'm married to my best friend and the man who cheers me on the loudest. I love life and everything that is going on around it.  


It’s been an interesting journey of radical responsibility coupled with compassion along with a bunch of super random, kind of weird, wildly uncomfortable practices mixed in. Did you get all that!. Sometimes I think I’m crushing it as a mum and other times I’m mildly certain I suck at it, but the one thing I haven’t done is quit on my kids or my family. Because the more I’m willing to take myself on, the more freedom and peace I experience and the family benefit from it too…


I'm also involved in this so called shake thing which has changed the game for me. Yes, it gives me the most amazing nutrition but that’s the obvious benefit. It's also given me so much more. It brought best friends. It brought financial freedom. It brought personal growth. It brought travel. It brought opportunity and It totally brought choice.

All I know at this present time Is that I am possibly the most at peace and comfortable within my own skin that I have been in a very long time. Im happy with my weightloss to date, and I'm still kicking goals. I look at pictures now and my exact thoughts are “Mumma you’ve committed to this journey and your rocking your mum bod” I’m making time, I’ve quit the excuses and Im helping and supporting other mums or ladies achieve this as well, I couldn’t be any more prouder of myself and also of my team. 

So you have read this far, Great!! I would love to continue this journey with you and if you would like to reach out, please either message me directly from this page, on the contact tab or email me directly at info@thecleansingmumma.com



Nik x

Happiness, health and beauty....
It is all an inside job.

Focus on the inside and the outside will fall into place.

Nicole Bone

Founder & CEO

A mum inspiring others to be conscious creators of their lives! to be the healthiest they can be and to live a life of freedom. x

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